What is LOGEZY

LOGEZY is a top level Cloud Based Employee management and tracking software that is built by keeping every part of the process connected. Logezy work perfectly for Agency Employees and as well as the end users of the employees.

If you supply Agency Staff to us, you will understand the value of having the right Temporary Staffing Software in place to manage their deployment, payment and billing for them.We provide temporary staffing solutions that offer you the capacity to assemble your staff quality without retaining them full time, and keep ventures moving.

Our clients range from new start-ups and established Agencies across a wide variety of trades, disciplines allowing them to get rid of the spreadsheet/word processing management approach with a modern Cloud Based system enabling the smooth automated payment of employees with rapid billing of clients.

It is coupled to a Mobile APP allowing instant access to job offers and schedule update

Employee management software
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Our Unique Features

Temporary staffing services

Employee Data Managment

Store and manage your employee Information including Job History, Skills Availability and Certification/Status plus Current Assignments and Contracts

Compliance & RTW Checks

Capture RTW Documents and track Compliance for every employee with Dates of Issue, Expirely with Customisable Auto-Expiry Flags

TWO-WAY Employee Smart Communication

Share job offers, Capture Job Acceptance, track scheduling, Update Employee Availability coupled with text communications

Workforce Utilization

Manage and Deploy Staff in one System Reducing Administration Costs thus Improving utilisation Shared Schedule Information Availability and Utilisation Company Wide


Capture Job Site Time Sheets allowing Updates to the System with Approvals Feeding Employee Payment and Customer Billing with Live Revenue & Costs with setup rates/costs By Client or facility


Logezy Automatically feeds the Payroll System


Logezy creates Invoices in your Companies Name with associated details and can be directly sent to your Clients.

Our Sectors

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Our Pricing

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  • Low Cost Mechanism

  • Try then Buy, First month Free

  • No Hidden charges

  • Fixed monthly charge for Cloud client with :

    3 Office users and up to 100 Mobile APP users All incremental fee per APP users thereafter
  • Discounts for Volume users

  • 24/7 Free Support line

LOGEZY Is simply the best Cloud-APP system to solve your Agency Personnel Logistics, Billing, Payroll and Tax tracking in one easy to use place


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Have a question FAQ ?

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Can I change my availability one I have set it. ?

Yes simply reselect it and hit the check button.

. I have marked my self as unavailable, will I still receive offers of employment?

YES It allows the end user to change his mind and still apply for work so you don’t miss opportunities

Can I send SMS messages using the APP?

No but you can send scanned notes, tickets, time-sheets and other documents such as RTW paperwork

Do all the master users have the same access?

No only the super master (owner if you like) can see all the financials and profits.

Clients Review

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Staff management

Julyein Joseph

Trinity 247 Care Ltd

Logezy is easy to use and the customer service is excellent. We planned touse it temporarily until we moved to something bigger, but found that Logezy could handle all our needs quite nicely!

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LOGEZY is registered with Company house, registration number SC564281. The head office is currently in Aberdeen Scotland with Subsidiary Offices located in India with new locations to be announced soon.

  • Suite K2 Woodburn house, 4-5 Golden square, Aberdeen, AB10 1RD

  • info@logezy.co.uk

  • (0333)006-2179

  • 9 am to 5 pm (Monday - Friday)

LOGEZY Simply the best Cloud-APP system to solve your Agency Personnel Logistics, Billing, Payroll and Tax tracking in one easy to use place